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Excavation trench



Gulf Excavating has been providing concrete to the Gulf Islands since 1976. We have the experience needed to ensure your job is completed on time while providing the quality workmanship you expect out of a family owned and operated company.


Top Soil – Black Dirt

  • Our locally sourced top soil is great for any project! The Grimmer family has been farming on Pender Island for over 100 years. We know good topsoil and we have fill for any project.


Sand & Gravel

Road building service

Top Soil


Foundations & Septic

Rock Garden Bed Pender Island

Question & Answer

Do you offer concrete for small jobs?

We can work with you for any size project. Call Glenn or Aaron to discuss your needs and we will work out a solution.

Do you supply the rock for rock work projects??

Yes we do.

Do you offer road building service?

We have a lifetime of experience in road building in the Southern Gulf Islands and the west coast. Call to get your lot ready for build.